Welcome to Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest

Welcome to Frosterpie's Caterpie Forest (FCF), version 15. Since 1999, FCF has been the archive of pokémon fanfiction series, The Adventures of Icy and Sara, as well as a fan-site dedicated to Caterpie. Please enjoy your visit and come by again soon.

Theme Update

Something I actually meant to do back in 2009 when I created this theme was to have the Caterpie logo span multiple sections of the upper-left corner. Well, today I was a bit ambitious, and viola, it worked! Stylesheets are win! Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, we've got a new PokéLink, Pokévana (Belgium Pokémon Site).

Happy 2011

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for visiting FCF over the last 12 years now. Please enjoy the stories and check out the other great sites listed in the PokéLinks section. May your new year bring you joy and happiness for many years to come.

Stories Section Completed!

That took me long enough don't you think? Finally, the last two series, Ri & Billy, and Marshmallow & Fluff have been posted for you to read. Both series were side projects and only lasted a dozen episodes, but they are still fun. And with that, FCF15's content sections are finally complete!!

PokéLinks Are Back!

Wow... that only took like a year to restore -_-. When I have some more time, I'll look into restoring images to the links as well, but for now, please accept just having the site name there. Most of these sites no longer link back (understandable), but FCF still loves them, and you should visit them too.

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